Ovidrel didn’t work!

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I am in my tww and feeling very discouraged :(. I was on a medicated IUI cycle and was prescribed an Ovidrel shot 36 hours before my IUI, which was scheduled for Wed morning.
But I didn’t ovulate!
I ovulated two days later, around noon on Fri, which would have made it like 84 hours after the shot (eye roll).
I am very familiar with what ovulation feels like with my body, and I know it happened when it did. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? If so, did you get a different medication prescribed for ovulation on your next cycle? I don’t want this to happen again ☹️😔


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    Hi there! I realize you posted this back in March but just wanted to check in with you to see if you had any success?

    I too have been prescribed Ovidrel but I think my body is ovulating sooner than 36 hours. The whole trigger timing stuff is confusing!

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    Hey there! I am still on my journey for baby #2. It has been a very trying year with 5 IUI attempts. I still have hope. But my doctor finally switched me to Pregnyl to see if that would make difference in my body ovulating. However, I am not ovulating at all or ovulating way after trigger.
    If you are ovulating early, it is more a timing issue. You need to call your doc as soon as you think you ovulate and they can get a progesterone blood analysis that will indicate if ovulation has happened.
    You can also see if they can move the IUI sooner since the egg is only good 24hrs after ovulation.
    Hope this helps.

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    Hi again, I am currently on my 4th IUI attempt (12dpiui) and no success. My RE thinks that 40ish hours is where they see the most success but I know my body is ovulating sooner so I'll be bringing it up again. Wishing you best of luck on your journey!!

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    Thank you! Good Luck and Baby Dust to you!!!

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