TWW Donor 16085

Currently in my 1st tww with donor 16985. Has anyone else used this donor? Would love to connect if you have.


  • Hey there! Do you have donor 16085 or 16985? We have 16085 and we’re planning to try next month! Keep me posted on your tww and your journey in general! Sending lots of luck And fertile energy! ♥️

  • I have donor 16085, same as you! First iui was a BFN. Doing my second iui soon. Will keep you updated ❤️. Please keep me updated as well.

    Sending lots of luck and baby dust your way ✨

  • Thank you! I did look at the donor profile and it appears there have been resported pregnancies. Keep your head up 😊 good luck on number 2 💕

  • Thanks! My doctor was very pleased with his sample the first time! Trying to stay positive about this cycle. It’s my last vial of his 😬.

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