Reported Pregnancy from Donor 16326?

Is there any reported Pregnancy from Donor 16326? How long has he been added to the catalog?


  • waiting for an answer to this question too. Thanks!

  • Hi @MamaBaba & @Iceaizbaeby,

    Donor 16326 currently has less than 5 reported pregnancies. He was released almost a year ago.

    Please keep in mind that it doesn't mean he had vials available to purchase this whole time. Since the pandemic started, we've had many donor releases with just a few vials. Also, we've had many clients who purchased vials and placed them in storage because they experienced delays with their process or their clinic due to the pandemic. Due to some of these factors, it's not unusual for us to receive a delay in pregnancy reports for certain donors.


    California Cryobank

  • Hi! Any update?

    Any luck @MamaBaba?


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