• Following this post as my wife and I are contemplating him as well :)

  • @AW0808 and @LT3952 did any of you have a successful pregnancy with this donor ?

  • No success, we ended up switching donors and I have 2 beautiful kids with that new donor. A 2.5 year old girl and a 6 week old boy with 15362

  • I guess I should mention 15362 was sold out (we had 2.5 year old and didn’t buy extra vials) someone sold us additional vials so we were able to use him again.

  • @AW0808 what a blessing! I have Called so many times to CCB asking a thousand questions. I was so concern with the donors CMV being positive but someone explained it very well tonight. I was Limiting myself. She told me that the most import when selecting is the genetic test. Was this a difficult process for you to find.

  • I wasn’t concerned about the CMV because I’m also positive, but I was very interested in the genetic testing..

  • @AW0808 the representative told me that 85% of the world is positive and not to be concern about that.

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