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Hello! We are in search of IUI vials for donor 15351. Please let me know if you have any for purchase. Love, The Hopeful Faust Family!


  • Hi @FaustFam We have IVF vials for Donor 15351 available to clients with reported pregnancies. They are not on our website and only available by calling Client Services at 866-927-9622. IVF vials are prepared the same way as our IUI vials, but they have less sperm. You may want to check with your physician to see if he/she is open to using multiple IVF vials for an IUI procedure.

    Unfortunately, Donor 15351 completed our program, so the only way we'll get IUI vials is if we have a buyback/return from storage.


    California Cryobank

  • @FaustFam Also, I edited the title of your post because there was a typo in the donor number.

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