15760 update

Can you please update info regarding:
1) number of pregnancies
2) number of live births


  • Hi 👋🏻 Wanted to let you know I plan on purchasing 2 vials of 15760 for IVF. Have you already used 15760?

  • Hi @GMM2022 ! We have had 2 failed IUIs so far, and are now in the IVF process.

    @cryo-admin still wondering! Thanks

  • @jc.5060 I just called customer support, this donor still has less than 5 reported pregnancies and no live births reported. Think we’ve exchanged notes on another message. I’m chose another donor, although wonder whether I should change to this one. Anyways, wish you luck.

  • @Butterfly123 thanks so much for the info and the luck! Right back at you!

  • @jc.5060 Donor 15760 currently has less than 5 reported pregnancies and no birth reports yet. Please keep in mind that reported pregnancies have no bearing on your personal chance of success. All of our donors go through the same stringent screening process and less than 1% of applicants become donors.

    The number of reported pregnancies are usually linked to either how long a donor has been available and/or how popular his characteristics are. Also with Covid, we've noticed an increase of clients purchasing vials and storing them for future inseminations. It looks like not many of this donor's vials have shipped out yet, so it's likely to take longer for him to have a higher number of reported pregnancies/births.


    California Cryobank

  • @jc.5060 Just wondering if you were able to get pregnant using 15760? Hope the IVF process went smoothly!

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