Has anyone previously used/had luck with donor 12994, 15280 or 16187?

Hi everyone, mostly just curious about any experience with the three donors listed - I personally won't be moving forward with trying until Covid is a bit more under control, but hoping to narrow my choices further.

I'm particularly interested in hearing about success with 12994. As much as I really like both 15280 and 16187, I still need to have my own genetic screening done first, so I wanted to ask here in the meantime!


  • Hi @steadfastly! First time mom and SMBC as well. I used donor 15280 and got pregnant with twins via IVF. We are also in touch with all the other donor siblings, there are 3 other siblings (1 boy and 2 girls all from different families). My boys are the youngest of the donor siblings at 10.5 months old. @Alaska is mom to the oldest "dibling". Feel free to ask us any questions! :smile:

  • Hello! I just got a positive test from this donor! I've reported my pregnancy and I am also a first time mom as well as a SMBC. Very excited to continue along this journey

  • @Youngsmbc OMG! Congrats!! That is so exciting!! Sorry for the delayed reply.. Hope everything is going well, please keep us updated! :grin:

  • @Youngsmbc feel free to find me on instagram @solo2eomma. If everything works out we have a FB group for the diblings. :heart:
    Hope to hear from you soon!

  • @Youngsmbc @Alaska is another dibling parent eager to meet you! :heart:

  • Hello! My wife and I used 15280. We have a Facebook group you can join if you like. If you want to contact me my Instagram is @nerdy5ever or you can email me at [email protected]

  • Hi. I am a smbc and currently 2dpo iui with donor 15280. Prior to selecting this donor, I had gone through quite a lot of profiles on multiple donor sites, but none of them really jumped at me like this one. So I am glad to see there are many positive experiences with using this donor.

  • @Hopefulsmbc81 hey! Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you! Hope all is going well! :heart: Feel free to find us on insta! I'm @solo2eomma over there. :smile:

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