Anyone with a 15833 pregnancy? I’m 6 weeks with this donor now and would love to chat with any others out there who has used this donor and had success.


  • We have our first iui with this donor next month! Will keep you posted!!

  • Yayyy! How exciting, wishing you all the luck! And don’t be discouraged if the 1st one doesn’t take, it took 2 tries for me. Def keep me posted. Thanks!

  • I used donor 15833, how was your experience? I'm currently 17 weeks with this donor!

  • That’s amazing!! Congrats!! My experience was great I have an almost 5 month old happy healthy girl now. Do u know what your having? I would love to keep In touch with you.

  • We should be finding out on Thursday! Congratulations on your baby too! ❤️ That's amazing you had a girl, I have been assuming it's a boy because the donor has two brothers! How exciting!! I would love that too!

  • Ah so exciting! I thought I was having a boy for sure when I was preg for that same reason. Is there a way we can private message on here so I can give u my info?

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    It doesn't look like it, I made an email tho so we can chat off here


  • Hi! I’m 14 weeks and it’s supposed to be a boy but I have to confirm in a few weeks. Congrats !! In any case in the future do you know if it’s possible to contact the donor?

  • Hey! Congratulations! It's possible for the child to contact the donor when they are 18 through California Cryobank.

  • Yes, it´s ID Disclosure so any offspring once they turn 18 can request the information of the donor. Im 23 weeks already and will be a boy (Julian), the doctor says it´s pretty big already so it seems will be a big baby but its everything ok and it looks healty. If anyone who have babies of this donor want to be in touch for the future in case the kid wants to meet their siblings, I´ll leave my email here: [email protected] (I´m from Chile)...

  • Congrats!! We would love to connect! I’ll shoot yah an email.

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