Donor 15932 experience

I was wondering if there were any other buyers of donor 15932... when I purchased he had plenty of vials, worked on first try and I reported my pregnancy in February and he sold out immediately after. I am wondering if anyone else had the same success with this donor and how many vials they purchased bc I only did one.


  • Glad you were successful on first try! I was unsuccessful with this donor and my Dr. suggested I switch to a new donor. I really liked 15932 though and disappointed I'll need to return excess vials.

  • @Greene34 I would be interested in buying your leftover vials, how many attempts did you make? I bought two more vials and was unsuccessful but I think my post baby weight that I didn’t lose played a factor.

  • @Greene34 would you be willing to sale you vials to me instead of back to the bank?

  • Absolutely. Please let me know the best way to get in touch with you.

  • @Greene34 triclaratops is my insta and my yahoo email. Email or DM me. I have other poc but I am not sure if this message board will allow me to post my email or full name.

  • @Triclaratops I purchased 4 vials and got pregnant on the first vial. I have a child now born in 2021. I am planning to try again this summer.
    Did you get more vials? If I have success again I could sell you my extras.
    Can we connect? I’d like to message you through Isnta, if that is ok.

  • @71KES yeah sure, my user handle is the same on insta. I purchased 1 vial and worked on the first try, my son was born late 2020. Then purchased two more vials and tried last fall unsuccessfully. I am looking for more vials because I would like to try again this summer. I am more then happy to connect just reach out to Triclaratops.

  • @Triclaratops I sent you a message on Instagram. ❤️

  • @Greene34 i have been trying to reach out to you about excess vials with no response. If you have changed your mind please let me know.

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