Reported pregnancies for Donor 16123?

Are there any reported pregnancies and or live births for donor 16123? I did an ICI using him and it was unsuccessful and just recently did an IUI using him and I’m now in the TWW hoping to be preggers. His vials sold out really fast but I haven’t seen any mentions of this donor and I’m curious.


  • Hello Shy0818, best wishes with your journey! have you heard any additional information regarding donor 16123? I am planning to utilize his samples as well. On his profile I see that there is at least one previous pregnancy, however I have not seen additional information beyond that. Have you?
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  • Hi! Wishing everyone is doing well and is going thru an easy journey. Any updates for this donor? My top choice for IUI. Thank you!

  • Hi you two, so I did call and was advised that the donor we are using/looking to use was just released in June and have less than 5 reported pregnancies. My first ICI and IUI with him wasn’t successful so I’m giving it one last try. I will be doing another round of IUI next week. Sprinkling baby dust to you both.❤️❤️❤️

  • Hi guys, just wanted to check if there'd been much success with this donor recently? I've selected it but nervous now. Hope you've had beautiful success in any case :)

  • Hi everyone, I'm just about to have my second IUI with this donor. Fingers crossed it's second time lucky. Good luck to everyone else using him!

  • Best of luck to everyone trying with Donor 16123! Just an update, we currently have more than 5 reported pregnancies for this donor and less than 5 reported births. Additional births are expected later this year.


    California Cryobank

  • Hello all, I have extra vials of 16123 available (never left California Cyrobank), you can email me at [email protected]

  • Happy to report I have a beautiful baby boy through IVF with this donor.

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