Second baby

I'm a single mother looking to have my second in the coming months, I'm wondering if any experienced moms with 2 or more have any advice and things they wish they had done to prepare for your second child ?


  • Wondering the same. I just had my first and I’m so in love wondering other single moms experience with two?

  • I'd love to hear from other mama's who have a second as well. My first just turned a year old and it's giving me baby fever. Although I do plan to wait until she's somewhere around 2-3 to start trying to have a second

  • I am still in the very beginning stages of this. I have an adopted son who is 8 so there will be a pretty big age gap... Just following some threads in hopes to learn some tips as I get ready to embark on this journey.

  • I’m single and also planning on having 2 kids. Wondering what would be the best age gap for the kids.

  • I had my two 21 months apart, because of my age and difficulty getting pregnant with #1 I didn't want to wait but it has been difficult, especially physically doing this as a SMC. Ideally I would have liked to have a 3 year gap so #1 can do more on their own in terms of walking, etc.

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