Would you?

I have a donor picked, but I’m torn. The donor supposedly had 5+ according to CCB but I’ve talked to at least 4 women who have been using this donor with zero luck. Some for long period of time.
He is my favorite pick and I feel a strong connection to him as he’s the most like my wife and I. But I’m curious
Would you use them?


  • Really, it depends on what method you are using. IVF will show quite quickly if the sperm is a good "match" to your wife's (or a donor's) eggs, especially if you're having testing done. If you are going with IUI/ICI, then hedge your bets. Decide how many vials/tries/time you are willing to give the donor before potentially switching.

    Having said that, I had a top pick. Took 4 tries to get pregnant, and ended up with a chemical. I switched donors for one round, but almost instantly regretted it! In retrospect, I'm so thankful that try did not take. Switched back to my original choice, and blessed with B/G twins on IUI #6. Go with your gut.

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