Does anyone have extra vials of 15966?


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    If anyone is interested in vials for this Donor please let me know. He is absolutely gorgeous (dark hair and blue eyes). Popular and does not last for more than a couple of hours when available. I have 1 vial and my wife has 2 vials in her account. We have a gorgeous healthy 6-month-old and another baby girl (not 100 percent sure yet but did the Sneak Peek Snap) on the way. This donor is of excellent quality. My wife got pregnant on her first IUI try and I got pregnant on my first IVF. I have infertility (low AMH) and had attempted two IUIs with no success. Our family is now complete and we have decided that if we want a third child in the future it will be through adoption. This donor tends to have girls! We know of one other lesbian couple with another girl. If you are interested email us at [email protected]

  • I sent you an email about the extra vials.

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    UPDATE: vials are no longer for sale

  • Hi! Did you end up getting pregnant with this donor ?

  • Yes, we have a beautiful 8-month baby girl

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