2WW with donor 15390

My lovely wife and I tried for the first time at home (two back to back ICIs on Thursday and Friday). Now we are in our 2ww. These are the longest two weeks of our lives!


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    Half way through the 2ww. Our excitement got the best of us and we kind of sort of tested a couple of times over the past couple of days.lol We are using the Clue app and it says my wife is supposed to get her period on the 25th. We did 2 back to back ICIs on Thursday and Friday (9th and 10th). Hopefully, we get BFP next week but we know it usually takes a couple of tries! Crossing fingers

    I was wondering if anyone has had any successful pregnancies/live births with this donor?

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    My wife says she has been experiencing some mild cramping... initially on both sides, now just on her left side. Maybe this is a good sign? She says it feels like a period but very very mild and sporadic. Has anyone had similar early symptoms and later tested positive?

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