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Is there any new or returning African American, or mixed with black donors coming soon? I'm CMV negative and currently only have 3 choices to choose from. I'm very interested in Donor 15802, so I'm hoping he will have some vials soon!



  • @BabyV2021! Have you checked out Donor 15550? He's going to have more IUI vials released on Wednesday.

    I'm afraid that it might be quite a wait for Donor 15802.


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  • @cryo-admin why do you say it will be quite a wait for Donor 15802?

  • @vet10 probably because he has a huge wait list and his sperm is in quarantine

  • @BabyV2021! @vet10 Good news! Donor 15802 had additional vials released this morning. There are less than 20 vials left, so if you're interested, please be sure to place your order quickly.



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  • just purchased 6 vials for 15802 I'm so excited I do my first iui in January I can't wait :)

  • Congratulations! @zee7 Keep us posted on your success. When you get that BFP, be sure to report your pregnancy and join the CCB Sibling Registry if you're interested. There you will find information on joining our private Facebook page where you can meet the other moms who have babies/or are currently pregnant. This donor has made some beautiful babies! Good luck and lots of baby dust to you :smile:

  • thank you so much @Maggiej13 I'm so nervous im glad to hear about the group also im happy to hear that the babies are beautiful I just hate the fact I can't see what he looks like as an adult I wanna get a clue of what my kids would look like

  • @zee7 Same! It would have been nice to see his adult photos, but it was definitely awesome to see what his babies looked like before my son arrived!

  • @Maggiej13 so in order to see the Kids I would have to become prego rite lol I hate that I can't just message you without everyone seeing this I have a quick question about your son im so excited does your son look more like you or him what about the dimples does the baby have those?

  • @zee7 ahhh the dimples!!! One of the reasons I chose this donor! Lol my son didn’t get the donor’s dimples. He had some small ones along the lines between his mouth and nose, if that makes sense. But when his face filled out, they’ve all but disappeared.

    Yes, our group decided, due to us posting our children in the group, that someone would have to be at least pregnant and have access to the sibling registry for our donor, to be invited in.

  • omg thank you @Maggiej13 im goin to add you now

  • @zee7 wishing you the best of luck this month!! If at some point you find that you don't need all the vials, and you're looking to sell--please let me know!

  • @cryo-admin got my 8 vials! excited to get started towards the middle of the year!

  • Congratulations on your purchase! @vet10 Just like above, keep us posted on your success. When you get that BFP, be sure to report your pregnancy and join the CCB Sibling Registry if you're interested. There you will find information on joining our private Facebook page where you can meet the other moms who have babies/or are currently pregnant. I am also open to connect with you prior to your BFP. Just let me know if you’re interested. Good luck and lots of baby dust to you :smile:

  • @zee7 and @Maggiej13 and @vet10 I am very interested in this donor but they are sold out. Can you message me if you end up not needing left over vials. My fiance and I are looking for African American or mixed donors and there aren't many. We tried 4 times with 15565 but had no luck so we want to switch donors. Both the ones I like are out of vials. Baby dust to you guys!!

  • @Donor 15565 I know exactly how you feel. Just finished a round of IVF (that didn't go so well) with our last vial, and now have to switch donors too. Best of luck to you, and here's hoping that there will be more from previous--or even new African American or mixed donors available soon.

  • Any idea when more will be released for 15802? I need more vials 😩

  • @cryo-admin Any idea when more will be released for 15802?

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    @cryo-admin Similar to the original post, I'm wondering if any more Black or mixed CMV neg will be coming out soon?

  • It’s almost alarming how few there are 😫...

  • Agreed @BeanDream. I called not too long ago and seems Covid has had a big impact on donating/enrolling new donors. When I asked about 15802, and when we could possibly expect additional vials--I was told some time around June. (heartbreaking)

  • Quite upsetting :(@BeanDream

  • @lcj7686 yes that’s what I was told as well...but at least they gave you a tentative date; I couldn’t get that much. So far away tho 😕

  • Hi @lcj7686 , @me2021 , and @BeanDream, I'm sorry to hear that you're waiting for vials. Unfortunately, as @lcj7686 mentioned, Covid affected the release of new donors and additional vials, as we paused our donor program for a few months last spring. In general, it takes about a year from when an applicant starts our program to when his vials are added to our website. In addition to the extensive screening process, there is also a 6-month mandatory quarantine period for all collected donations. (Here's a chart with more info: )

    During this quarantine period, donors are still subject to routine physicals and blood draws. Typically, all of this happens on a rolling basis, but with our pause in donor operations last spring, it disrupted the flow of new donors and the release of additional vials. Also, our labs are located in 4 major cities and some of our applicants/donors have relocated to different areas or have not been able to return to our facilities yet, which has made it challenging to estimate when future blood draws may happen.

    In general, we can never guarantee that a donor will have additional vials available because even if we have vials in quarantine, we must still wait for results of a future blood draw. In some cases, we may be able to provide estimations, but it's never a guarantee.

    Some good news is that Donor 15802 is active in our donor program again, but we do have to wait for the 6-month quarantine and future blood draws, which means that additional vials aren't likely to be released until late summer. If you'd like to be notified if/when additional vials become available, please contact Client Services and ask to be added to his notification list.

    As for new donors, the next few months we'll have limited new donors added to our catalog. We will continue to send out our new donor emails to alert you of new donors, so please be sure to keep your eye out for those emails. We try our best to recruit a diverse group of donors and have increased our efforts to reach a greater audience of potential donors since our donor program re-opened this summer. However, less than 1% of applicants become donors so it will take some time to build up our donor catalog to 500+ donors like it was last year.

    @me2021 We may have a new donor become available this summer before Donor 15802 who is CMV negative, identifies as Puerto Rican, and has 40% African ancestry.

    I hope this helps explain some of the process and I wish we had more vials available for you right now, but it's going to take some time. :neutral: Here are some tips that may also help. We sometimes get vial buybacks from clients who are storing vials with us, so check the website periodically. Also, get on the notification list for any donors who may have additional vials released so we can notify you. Check to see if your doctor may allow you to use multiple IVF Vials for an IUI procedure because sometimes IVF Vials may become available. (IVF Vials are prepared the same way as IUI vials, but they contain less sperm.) Our African American, Pacific Islander, and Mixed donors tend to sell out very quickly, if you see that vials are available, call Client Services right away! They may be able to put vials on a courtesy hold for you if you need time to check with your physician before you purchase. We have financing to help you purchase multiple vials at one time. And we also offer a 50% Vial Buyback offer and a Vial Exchange option, so if you store vials with us and your situation changes, you have some options:


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  • @cryo-admin Any new vials releasing soon. I’m looking for African American vials. Thanks.

  • donor 15773 any new vials coming in soon? Looking for a donor with Puerto Rican ancestry

  • @cryo-admin any updates?

  • @genesis21 Donor 15773 is limited for sibling use so only clients with reported pregnancies would be eligible to purchase vials. There are sibling vials available by phone. Have you checked out Donor 16432? He's our newest donor with self-reported Puerto Rican ancestry:

    Also, I'm not sure if you've checked out our new DNA Ancestry reports, but they include a donor's biological ancestry based on DNA analysis which dates back hundreds or thousands of years. New donor 16310 has DNA ancestry that is somewhat similar to someone who would self-report as Puerto Rican. He was blond as a child, but has dark hair as an adult and looks similar to singer Jon B:


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  • Hello. Any update as to when donor 15802 may have more vials released?

  • Or more African American/mixed CMV negative donors added?

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