**16045** anyone?!

I have been checking on here and can't seem to find any discussion on 16045!! I purchased 2 iui vials and will be using 1 soon was looking for other people who may have already used him.


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    edited October 13, 2020 7:24PM

    Just wondering if you've had any success with this then iui donor?

  • I did an iui on Oct. 2nd no luck trying again at the end of this month

  • We did ours on the 16th of October .. I can’t wait to find out in a week or two.

  • awe wishing you the best im waiting for the end of the month to try again!

  • I’ve used 16045 for IVF and got one normal embryo and one abnormal embryo. I’m waiting this week to hear the results of my second round of IVF, also using 16045. If anyone has success with this donor, I’d love to start a FB group..

  • Hi there has anyone been successful with this donor? We’ll find out soon if we were! also if anyone has any additional vials we’d love to purchase them! Best of luck everyone!

  • Hi everyone! We used 16945. We have a son and would love to connect through the sibling registry. Also looking for more vials if anyone is selling!

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