Pregnant with donor 14488. Looking for siblings

Looking to connect with other families that are pregnant or have children with donor 14488. I am 2 months along.


  • Oh congratulations! I loved him but he isn't uk compatible. Best of luck for your pregnancy!

  • Congrats! I am considering this donor as well.

  • Thank you!!

  • Jessica!! I am buying my 2nd vial today to attempt getting pregnant - will go for insemination in 2 weeks. So happy to see someone else got pregnant with his!!! I would love to connect with you after baby is born as we'd have siblings :)!!

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    Aww.... Best of luck to you!! All the Good vibes. We used 4 vials and got pregnant on IUI #4. All of his samples were above average. I'm in my second trimester now. Please keep me posted!

  • Hi!! 4 attempts huh, not sure I can gather more money for 2 more vials. My 2nd IUI was unsuccessful. Double bummer. Not sure if I'm going to try again with him although I want to. How did you know his sperm were above average?? Did the Cryobank tell you that or someone else? Just curious. I definitely have people in my life that have asked how I know it's good sperm. I'll keep you posted on what happens for me.

  • So I only used 2 vials for 14488 and got pregnant. The previous 2 were for the donor I used for my daughter. Unfortunately, I didn't get pregnant with those 2 and that donor was out of vials. So we chose 14488. We got pregnant on vial 2 with him. I know his sperm was above average because my fertility doctor gives you a breakdown of all the stats of the sperm and compared to all 7 of my previous attempts (1st pregnancy included)14488 had the most sperm and motility. Good luck! I wish you all the very best!!!!! Please keep me updated! Don't give up. Sometimes it takes a bunch of tries.

  • Oh gotcha. Thanks for breaking that down!

    A little personal (maybe) but did you do IUI with all of the tries? And did you do anything like sit with legs in the air after, keep hands and feet warm, eat pineapples or did you just let nature and the universe do her thing each time? Its so hard not to think about if I did something wrong each time I tried. But I totally know it wasn't me that caused it to not take... you're walking evidence that sometimes it takes 4 or 5 vials to take. Can't wait until I message you back saying I'm pregnant and our kids have to meet 😊!!!!!

  • Not too personal. Only did IUi's. Ovidrel and femara combined for more eggs. I typically had at least 2 eggs per cycle. Once I had 3 1/2, but I got pregnant on both cycles where I had just 2 eggs. I didn't do any tricks, but I did completely cut out coffee, eat very healthy & take prenatals. I do believe the coffee elimination helped. It took 5 cycles to get pregnant with my daughter who is now 2 1/2 and it took 4 cycles to get pregnant this time. Sometimes it does take a while, but if you're ovulating and your cycle is regular then you should get pregnant. I do hope you message me saying you're pregnant. I would love for our kids to be in touch 😊

  • Hi!!!! Good news 🥳🥰. I am currently about 4 weeks pregnant. Due (according to the online tools) October 12th 2021. 🤗🤗.. here is my personal email - [email protected] let's chat there!!

  • Hi, i used 14488 too and had my baby last Fall. First try with him, 2nd IUI. I used a different donor before. His sperm count is incredibly high and my munchkin is lovely!

  • Let me know if y’all have/make/want a sibling group connect

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    Oh!! Love to hear his sperm count is high! And congrats on your lovebug!!

    I had 3 IUI's with him and got pregnant on 3rd. I had a miscarriage with that baby. I have one more vial with 14488 that I'll use at the end of August. He isn't producing anymore vials so fingers crossed !

    There is a FB group titled: California cryobank #14488 and there are about 8 or 9 members I believe. Some women pregnant, and some 14488 siblings! Come join us.

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