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Any luck?


  • Hello, I have not visited this site since 2013, when my son was born. I had tried IUI 2 x - once at a clinic and once with a Reproductive Doctor. I took the plunge after my 43rd birthday and tried IVF. I had to take on credit card debt, but it was totally worth it! I had 1 round of cetrotide flare (type of IVF) and delivered my baby just after my 44th birthday. In the IVF process, I did have pre-genetic testing of my embryos. I was told I only had 1 that was chromosomally normal (but I had 8 or more that fertilized). I have since read of successful pregnancies with chromosomally "abnormal" embroyos that led to healthy babies. You can research doctors that have success with IVF and older women so you can find a doctor that can help.

    The reason I switched from IUI to IVF was because I realized I could get pregnant with IUI, but if the baby was not viable, I would lose several weeks/months of possibly fertile time.

    Wishing you the best!

  • I did IVF at 41 and it worked on my 2nd round. I wasn't going to give up, which would have been very expensive but I am so grateful for my beautiful baby girl. I would suggest going for IVF not IUI since it will give you the best shot. Good luck!

  • @ThisIsIt2 I am not sure what your doctor has told you, but an amh at 1.6 is low for anyone TTC. Its maybe high for someone at 43 years old, but will give you a difficult time with IUI. I agree with the other 2 ladies about trying IVF. I was still in my 30s and elected IVF over IUI because the odds of pregnancy are better when ur in your 30s and 40s, plus u can get genetic testing which can decrease the likelihood of miscarriages. I know it can be expensive, but there are some grants out there that are given out 3 times per year. One is called, Gift of Parenthood. Look them up and see what u find out. I wish I had a bulletin like this when I was going thru the process cause it was hard trying to figure everything out. There are also some good Youtubers that are SMBC that you can watch that give good advice. Hope this helps you in your journey. My little one just turned 3 months old yesterday.

  • Hi @ThisIsIt2 - I am nearly 42 and planning for my first IUI next month. Do you mind me asking how many IUI's before you became pregnant. Congratulations! Wishing you a healthy pregnancy.

  • I am trying IUI for the first time at 43. I told my doctor I wanted to jump right in to IVF, but he suggested trying IUI first. I've never tried to get pregnant before, but I'm excited to see how this turns out.

  • Hello! 🙂 @athlete

    Did you do your ovarian stimulation at 41? Or did you freeze your eggs at a previous age?

  • Hi @longbeach 👋 I’m curious about your IVF process. Do you recommend genetic testing? And what did you do with your remaining embryos even though those didn’t pass the genetic testing? Thank you!

  • Hey! Any SMBC from the Dominican Republic?

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