Reported pregnancies/live births for #13989 and #11786

Hi can you please let me know the amount of pregnancies & live births (if any) have been reported for both donors. Thank you!


  • 13989 has had more than 5 pregnancies. My wife and I used him and currently in our TWW, today is 7dpo! Did you end up using him?

  • Hi I did end up using 13989 and am on day 13 since insemination. Haven't taken a test yet. Don't want to get too excited yet since I had a miscarriage a few month ago. Fingers crossed for you and your wife :)

  • Hi! I used 13989. Im on day 12 since insemination. I find out in 2 days. Fingers crossed!

  • @Foreverandever Wishing you lots of luck!

    Donor 13989 - More than 5 reported pregnancies; less than 5 reported births
    Donor 11786 - More than 5 reported pregnancies; more than 5 reported births

    Please note that our clients are not as diligent with reporting births as they are with reporting pregnancies. We often see clients post about their children, but don't receive a birth report for them.


    California Cryobank

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