Funny story part2

So this is a continuation of the funny things that have occurred to me during this TWW.
Yesterday morning I had a funny dream. This is a dated reference and I might expose myself as an oldie Locks, but if anyone remembers the animated last unicorn movie. The part where the wizard is tied to the tree that comes to life and almost smothers him with its giant tree boobs. Just before I woke up I dreamt that my boobs were so big that they were smothering me. (I am in the generous side of a b cup). They were very sore, but... I did spent Monday night scrubbing my ceiling.
Then yesterday afternoon I found out that my mom had told a family friend. I am a little annoyed about that but not anything extreme. So this morning I dreamt that I was taking a pregnancy test and everyone kept accidentally walking in on me in the bathroom (doesn’t take a genius to figure that part out) but the test in my dream was positive!!! Then I dreamt that I woke up and had one of those regular morning dreams and in the second dream I took a pregnancy test because of the one in the first dream. Also positive.
Then my alarm went off. I popped out of bed like a waffle out of the toaster. It couldn’t be a coincidence that I had two back to back dreams about a positive right?!
BFN not even a faint, if I squint, line. This is 11dpo so I would have thought it would show something.
Maybe next month I’ll lay off the house repairs and not psych myself out so much.


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    I can understand the feeling girly!! Sorry about the BFN but now you have gone through it and are more prepared for this next round.

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