One week to go but all the symptoms (Funny story)

I had my first IUI 8 days ago and am in the middle of my two week wait. Way not fun and I am writing this epic post as a way to pass the time, every word of it is true and I hope if it doesn’t make the waiting any easier I can at least make you laugh a little.
The best advice and what everyone always says is to keep busy, but I have found that the kind of busy matters.
Before we get started is it just me or is Everyone else pregnant! Two of the four people in my department are out on maternity leave right now, the other just quit two weeks ago. Yesterday I had lunch on the patio of the building next door and two different ladies were discussing their pregnancies and what they planned to do on maternity leave. Then I get back to work alone but at least I don’t have to hear the word pregnant… until I open my email and there is an accidental reply all chain (2 dozen or so emails to delete) of congratulations to someone who announced the arrival of their baby in an everybody email blast.
So I have been busy at work, but alone. So much time all to myself to think…
I did go to the hardware store with my mom. I am replacing the flooring in the bedrooms of the house and thought it would be convenient to paint while the furniture was removed. While one of these rooms will hopefully be a nursery soon, because I am doing several rooms it felt more like just hanging with my mom and choosing how to redecorate then a baby related thing. It took my mind off for a few hours.
But at night I have been down the youtube rabbit hole watching videos of people revealing their BFPs and talking about signs and symptoms they had beforehand. However, I have read in some past posts about people counting up their signs and still having a BFN.
I totally understand this.
Cramps: One of the women in the videos described this as a squeezing sensation along both sides of her body just below the ribs.
YES! I have totally had this feeling… of course I did spend Sunday morning raking and shoveling in my duck shed…hmm
Sore Boobs: or sometimes sensitive, or tender
YES! Another sign I can check off the list my whole chest is sore… Except that Saturday I spent an hour pulling weeds around the house and Sunday evening I spent an hour with my arms above my head installing a new light fixture in my dining room (I did mention some remodeling)…Hmm
Nausea: Isn’t this one a classic
YES! I was totally checking out the side of the road this morning for a place in case I had to pull over and be sick…however, I am one of those lucky people who sometimes feels sick from taking vitamins. While I didn’t take any of the ones that have caused me to be sick before sometimes even a multi can make me queasy for a while…HMm
Smell aversion: things smell really bad to you.
OMG YES! This morning I could smell the trash in the breakroom through my mask and it was rank, and then in the receiving room the smell was quite strong and icky…then again the custodian (which we share with the building next door) came early in the morning on Friday and someone threw some of their lunch away Friday. Today is Monday. Also I didn’t mention this earlier but we receive coolers full of horse urine in the receiving department. I work at a lab attached to a veterinary hospital…HMM
This next week seems very long.


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