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Hello, starting off new in this journey, looking for advice. We bought 4 vials in June for a donor that we fell in love with.. he is cmv positive, o+ blood type. Got my bloodwork back today, and I’m cmv negative, o- blood type. Doctor informed she must legally suggest we get a new donor, however she reported she has not had issues in the past with cmv positive donor and cmv negative mothers. Thoughts? Thank you!



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    My doctor said it was ok as long as I didn’t have any severe immune issues. Not sure why that was.

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    My doctor advised against having a cmv+ donor when I'm cmv-, but having a different RH factor blood type whether +/- was okay because they have the Rhogam shot to counter that if your baby starts to develop a O+ blood type around 28 weeks pregnancy. I would advise you to research this thoroughly and weigh the risk when using a different cmv status. You may not find many research articles on mothers who have tried it because of the risks involved.

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    My donor is positive, and I'm negative. Initially, the first clinic I went to said I had to pick another donor, but I loved my donor so much so this was devastating. The new clinic I am at has no issues with me using my donor. The percentage is so small for issues, it boils down to your own choice on if it's that important to you or not. Have you done genetic testing? YOu can email me if you want to chat, just put CCB in the subject. junae54@gmail.com

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    My donor was negative 15932 but he’s been sold out since I reported my pregnancy

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