Frustrated (donor 15554)

My wife and I started the process of IUI in January. I just got my period again after my fourth round of IUI (two rounds with femera and two rounds with injectable meds). This last round I had three mature follicles at insemination, and we were convinced it was going to work. We are both incredibly frustrated, and at a loss for what to think because all of the initial testing I had when we started the process came back perfectly normal (bloodwork, dye test, saline sonogram). This was our last attempt before switching to IVF because we are concerned about running out of vials, we started with 10 and now only have 6 left for making our whole family (my wife wants to be pregnant at some point as well). We have heard stories from another couple who switched donors when they were unable to get pregnant, and then were successful right away with a new donor. Wondering if anyone has had a similar experience? Or if anyone can say they’ve had a successful pregnancy with donor 15554?


  • My wife and I were not successful after 6 IUI attempts. She also tested very healthy and when we did egg retrieval she had 10 mature eggs and from there we only got one embryo. Our doctor was convinced it was our donor and we should switch. We decided to give it a shot with the embryo and it took! We tried for over a year and finally go a positive almost one year after trying. Hang in there!

  • I didn’t have donor 15554, but I remember being frustrated through the process. I went through 7 rounds of IUI total (3 natural, 3 clomid w/trigger shot, 1 femera w/trigger shot). The 6th round was questionably a miscarriage, and on the 7th round when I finally felt like giving up, it worked. I was pregnant with our little boy. We were adamant that it was going to work and questioned being changing donors, but there wasn’t another donor that I could use that resembled my wife’s family. We stuck with it and it worked. If changing donors feels like the right thing to do, then try it.

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