Donor 15257


My wife and I decided to proceed with the at home IUI insemination due to the pandemic since March and with our fertility center closed. We kept track of my cycle with the Clearblue OPK test and got a smiley face the morning of June 11th. That evening we did the procedure and now I'm on day 4 of the TWW. I've been feeling many symptoms but don't want to speculate or read into more than I should. Each day that passes we hope and pray for a positive outcome :-) How do you ladies get through this?


  • Best of luck to you, i got pregnant n had a beautiful intelligent baby boy w/this donor! 🙂

  • Hi Eeejay! That’s awesome. Unfortunately our first at home try did not take, we attempted again this past Monday. Hoping this time around will work, if not it’s IUI at the clinic next cycle. Thanks for the good luck wishes, I hope to get back to you with good news!

  • HI @eeejay! I just wanted to share with you we finally are pregnant after the 5th IUI attempt (3 at home & 2 in clinic), expecting in August 2021. We miscarried in September so I was very nervous and anxious after the 2 week wait this time around. My wife and I are so excited to be mommies!!

  • @Hi2cali Yayyyyyyyy!!! That is so exciting!! CONGRATS to you too! If you ever want to connect let me know! 😊

  • Hi @EEEJAY and @Hi2cali!

    My wife and I wanted to share with you that we have a beautiful, smart, and kind 10 months old daughter from 15257. She was born May 26, 2020. It took 4 IUIs through a clinic to get pregnant. When we saw the donor was low on vials, we bought 10 more, with the hope of having three children total.

    @EEEJAY our babies are 1 year and 20 days apart. <3

    @Hi2cali congratulations! Do you know the sex of your baby?

    We would love to connect if you all are interested. This is so exciting!

  • @EEEJAY We want to wish your little one a happy birthday! Just wanted you to know we are thinking of him today and hope you both have a wonderful day.

  • We had a amazing baby boy with this donor on 5/16!

  • Hi @green gang16! Congratulations!! This is so fun and amazing to hear.

  • Hi all! Just FYI, I added our information to the Sibling Registry (username is Gulp07). Hope to see you all there sometime if you’re interested. :)

  • @ILoveUbe @EEEJAY
    Unfortunately we had a miscarriage at 10 weeks back in March. We are now on a medicated cycle in hopes to help with process. Will keep you all posted! I am glad to hear of all the success stories and registry.

  • @Hi2cali I’m so sorry to see that. I wish you two so much baby dust and good vibes. I look forward to your next update.

  • Hey All @ILoveUbe @greengang16 omgeee this just made my day, we would love to connect!! we are on the sibling registry!

  • @Hi2cali i am so much luck and baby dust ❤️

  • Hi everyone! I wanted to let you know @ EEEJAY and I connected outside of the message boards, and it’s so amazing to get to know more about each other. We would love to get to know about any families using donor 15257. We hope to see you on the sibling registry. My email address is listed there.

  • Hello all! Seeing if anyone happens to have an extra vial from 15257. We were blessed with our 2 yr old and would love a sibling. Greatly appreciated!

  • Hi everyone,

    Hope everyone is well! Wanted to update on where my wife and I are at in our fertility journey! After an attempt at IVF myself, the 1 egg I produced was positive for chromosome abnormalities. We then decided to have my wife do IVF to retrieve eggs and had 5 good embryos. I did an egg transfer on Dec 7 and are happy to announce that we are at 19 weeks and 5 days with a baby boy due in August!! We are so happy and can’t wait to connect in sibling registry.

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