Hello. My partner & I are interested in purchasing vials from donor #11089. Our doctor doing our IVF procedure is thinking we should use ICI/ART vials. We are wondering if he has anymore of those type vials left available for purchase. Thank you.


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    We have a VERY limited supply of ART vials (ICI and IUI), but over 20 Premium vials remaining on Donor 11089.

    Because of their limited supply, you will need to contact our Client Service Department by phone to confirm availability and place an order for the ART vials. We can be reached at 866-9-CRYOBANK (927-9622), M-F 6a-6p and Sat 8:30-12:30 PST.

    The Premium vials may be ordered through this website from your My Account page.

    Donor 11089 is retired from our program, so these are his final vials. If you opt to use him, I strongly suggest you purchase extra vials and store them for future cycles and possibly siblings.

    While most of our clients are primarily focused on having their first child, many of them decide they want to expand their families after their baby arrives. If you don't store extra vials while they are available, it is unlikely they will be there after your baby is born.

    We can provide you with free storage through our Family Today or Family Tomorrow programs, and you can always sell back any unused vials in the future (as a long as they don't leave our facility).

    Best of luck,

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