Did anyone have PG testing and end up with multiples? Someone told me that the testing could cause the embryo to split and mom has twins!



  • @Babykisses I heard it happened from ICSI either way I'd love to know how true it is. I googled but we know how accurate that can be.

  • @Curious1.89 today is the first time I heard of ICSI my doctor didn’t mention it..I googled it just now it doesn’t appear to be used the first time around ..but idk

  • @Babykisses I think some clinics do it for all IVF cycles. Are you hoping to have twins? I plan on having PGS testing and my Dr is doing ICSI as well...

  • @Curious1.89 i am not hoping on having twins lol But I’m afraid because I’m chubby and over the average height and I seen online that those physical traits mixed with ivf makes higher chances of having multiples..I also plan to do PGS testing as well because I want to make sure I’m using the good eggs..I go to the doctors in July so I’ll ask more questions because I’m clearly not up to speed with the ivf I just know that’s the route recommended for us

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