Any first time IUI success stories?

What kind of Vials did you order? Mess or no mess? Did you do back to back IUI's??? Can you all share with me you success stories??


  • I was successful my first go with iui. I had no issues internally besides my advanced maternal age of being 35. I did medicated my first round

  • I bought iui vials but you can buy ici if you are going to a clinic because they will wash it anyway for liability purposes. I did back go back iuis with only one mature follicle (after taking femara AND gonal-f to stimulate production) and I now call him my little follie that could. He is 2 and a half years old now. Never in a million years did I think I would get pregnant the first try. Good luck!

  • @Triclaratops i just did iui but my doctor recommended natural first… did you use any ovulation trackers you recommend? It was tricky knowing if it was the right day!!! We find out in about 10 more days. If it doesn’t take I’ll do iui w meds!

  • Hi, I got pregnant after my first IUI. I'm currently 7 weeks along using donor #14678 IUI premium vials. We used one vial approximately 24 hours after a positive OPK. I did an unmedicated cycle.

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