Donor 14450 - At-Home Insemination

Any others out there who have gotten pregnant with this donor? He has a reported pregnancy on file. My wife and I just put in our order; we are trying for the first time next week.

Also -- piggybacking off this. We are tying at home with Mosie baby. Has anyone had success with at-home insemination or with Mosie baby?

Thanks in advance! :)


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    Hi! Did you have any luck with this donor? I am considering using 14450 as well, but i have not ordered yet.

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    Hey, we did. However, we ended up having a chemical pregnancy and lost the pregnancy.

    We have since switched to Cryos USA.

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    I recently purchased 14450. Hoping this will result in a pregnancy.

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    I just found this post. My wife and I conceived with this donor and have a 2 year old born in 2021. Would love to connect with any of you that have a child with this donor!


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    Hello! My wife and I have a child conceived using this donor, and we would love to connect.


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