COLOR OF specimen

After thaw, my specimen was pinkish. Is this normal?


  • Yea. My ici vials were pinkish as well . They said it was normal whenI called

  • Thanks @Money for your response. I was kinda freaking out. Did you have any luck?

  • No luck for me. I made have gotten pregnant not really sure. They said based off what I described it could have been a chemical. But I was so pissed off when the period came. I didn't go straight to the doctor. My period didn't look the same either. After that try my ovulation comes later and everything. Once I did go to the doctor they said it seemed like I could have had a chemical pregnancy. 🤷🏽‍♀️. I'm doing a fertility clinic now only because since then my ovulation is weird.

  • Did you have like a positive test? @Money

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