SMBCs using Donor 15802

Starting a thread for any SMBCs who have used donor 15802. FTM pregnant with a precious baby boy from 2nd IUI. Due October 2020. There’s a lot of great ladies using/who have used our donor, but it’s a totally different experience going through this process solo. I’d love to connect!


  • I did. My husband and I separated in the middle of meds for my IVF. I still have the most perfect baby boy ever thanks to donor 15802! There were definitely a few discouraging moments along the way and then there's the whole labor and delivery process. For that, I suggest having a strong support person. I hired a doula but had my sibling support as well. I'm here if u wanna talk. My little guy is 5 months and he's already brand repping company with his adorable little face. The woman I donated the remainder of my sperm too is going through IVF now as an SMBC. I'm sure she wouldn't mind being a resource as well. @Maggiej13

  • I'm 4 weeks pregnant with donor 15802. I was not successful with IUI, but with IVF I am now carrying a little girl!! I'm really excited and look forward to sharing info as things progress

  • @BisonD Awww congrats mama! 🎊 I’m so excited for you! Definitely keep us posted. I’m still moving right along in my pregnancy. Will be 25 weeks tomorrow. I love hearing updates!

  • @Maggiej13 thank you so much! how are you feeling? I hope you are basking and glowing. keep us posted, this is so exciting

  • @Mommyiana congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!

  • @BisonD feeling pretty good, thanks! I will say that my pregnancy has been fairly easy and these 25 weeks have flown by! 15 weeks to go until my baby boy gets here. I am too thrilled to meet him! 😍

    Also, just an fyi... if you’re comfortable, there are a few families on a Facebook group who have used our donor. Feel free to join us if that’s something you’re interested in. You’ll find my Facebook info on the Cryobank’s sibling registry. You just have report your pregnancy to CCB to gain access to the sibling registry. The info is on the bulletin board at the bottom of the page.

  • hi there! I'm 100% comf. im actually in the chat with all of you :-). just recently posted under akosua screen name. I shared my fb info there so feel free to add me. I would love to connect

  • @Maggiej13 thank you for the invite!

  • Just checking in @Mommyiana Were you able to start the process for your next child? I just had my son in October... I’m already anxious to begin the process for my next one! Time flies... I can’t believe he is already 1 month! I’m sure you already know since your son is almost a year! Was the woman you donated to successful as well?

  • @Mommyiana Happy Birthday to your baby boy! Many blessings to the both of you.

  • @Mommyiana hi how are you ? I am new here currently pregnant with donor 15802 baby I would love to connect with you

  • @Kmommy congratulations!!! Do you have any extra vials you won’t be using?

  • @Maggiej13 Hi! Do you have any additional vials you may want to sell?

  • Hi! Congrats! Also looking for extra vials for luck so far after you IUIs. can’t wait for my sticky bean...

  • Hello ladies. Are there anyone who have extra vials they want to sell available?

  • Congratulations!! Any extra vials of donor 15802?

  • @Maggiej13 Hey congrats on your little one! I haven't been on here in a while but with the uncertainty in the growing covid numbers I decided to hold off on another cycle. My city honestly just reopened, but I think I want to hold off a few years. My boy is a handful hes almost two but he reached the terrible part of terrible twos early. lol How is your little one? How is mom life?

  • @Kmommy Hey I know I'm super late but I replied to you on the other post. Cant wait to connect!

  • Maggiej13Maggiej13 Posts: 71
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    Thank you @Mommyiana !! Mom life is amazing! I'd love to connect. If you have Facebook, my FB information is on our 15802 sibling registry bulletin board.

  • @Maggiej13 i
    Just added you! And I saw the profile pic of you and ur baby and it just hit me that my sweet only baby has diblings out there. I would love for him to know even if not as diblings I respect what anyone decides to tell their children, but it would still be cool to have them meet one day. Even if they don’t know why 😍

  • @Mommyiana I got you! your baby’s adorable! We’ll chat.

  • I'm selling 1 vial of donor 15802. Send me a message talk2esli at gmail. Thanks.

  • @123abc I messaged you

  • @123abc were you successful with donor 15802?

  • Y’all are really giving me an education here! I’m new to this and I’m looking to become a SMBC with an Black donor! I looked up donor 15802 and he sounds just right. So some of you ladies are pregnant by him or have had babies by him? And we can by vials of him directly from each other?

  • @Black warrior mama39 We currently have 9 known 15802 children. There are no currently known 15802 pregnancies. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Single Mother By Choice, feel free to join a couple of Facebook groups. The ladies in the groups are good about answering questions you may have.

    And yes, you may purchase vials for sale from individuals. Donor 15802 is hard to come by and he sells out quickly when he is available (usually same day). Good luck on your journey!

    Mocha SMCs (Single Mothers by Choice)

    Single Mothers by Choice

    I would also recommend joining a couple of donor conceived people groups. Being in those groups give you a perspective regarding the experience of donor conceived people (DCPs). It’s eye opening. Don’t be scared off into not using a donor, just be aware of the issues some DCPs may face.

    Donor Conceived People, Siblings, Parents, and Donors (Sperm, Egg, and Embryo)

    Parents of Donor Conceived Children

    Donor Conception Discussion Group (Egg/Sperm-Donors/Children/Family)

  • Hello! Just wondering if I can get lucky with purchasing vials for donor #15802? I am down to my last vial. Thank you!

  • Hi @B&E Just checking in, as I saw you had previously purchased donor 15802. Were you able to purchase any vials from his last release a couple of weeks ago? Or were you able to conceive using him last year? If so, we have a private Facebook group for pregnant and parenting families. Baby dust to you if you are TTC!

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