Getting Pregnant During a Pandemic

Hi everyone, my 'name' is sly81 and I am new to the site! My wife and I have wanted to try to get pregnant for a long time but really procrastinated about it for one reason or another. A few months ago I finally made an appointment with an OBGYN to get the process started -- but I got so lost trying to find their office I missed my appointment. They rescheduled me for April 6th -- then that got canceled due to covid-19. So yesterday I decided to just call California Cryobank and ask for advice. I was very happy to speak with a woman who told me that as of just 2 weeks ago, you can do at home inseminations and don't need a doctor's signed form to order sperm!

So I'm excited but also slightly worried, as I literally have no idea if I even have eggs inside me. I am turning 39 in a few weeks so I understand my chances of getting pregnant will be significantly lower. Without a doctor to tell me that I even CAN get pregnant, we will potentially be spending a lot of money on nothing. But I'm really really hopeful that I can get pregnant... I have fairly regular periods and my mom had three kids without even trying so she suspects I would be as fertile as can hope...

I am so overwhelmed with the information I must now learn... I've ordered prenatal vitamins and some ovulation test strips. I started tracking my period on the Flo app and Femometer as well. I have no idea when it will be the right time to order sperm and I'm scared to miss that one perfect day for insemination. It's all so much... If anyone has any advice I would love to hear. I want more than anything to have a child, especially because I am adopted so it would be great to have another person around I'm related to by blood. (I did find my birth mom by the way but she lives in another country) anyway, I'm rambling. Looking forward to meeting other couples, whether they are LGTBQ or not, and learning about their experiences with at-home insemination!


  • Hey @sly81! My wife are expecting our first child through IUI. We went through the whole Dr process and I'm sure we would have been just as successful if we had tried at home. I didn't have any major complications other than my age, 35. I followed the Flo app, I started taking prenatals and once the app told me my ovulation was close I started testing every 12hrs. I think its great that you and your wife are starting this journey and that the cryobank has relaxed its Dr requirements. We have spent our entire 1st trimester in quarantine! Good luck!

  • I just wanted to give you a little message of hope. My wife and I have a 20-month old son conceived via IVF when I was 45. I just turned 48 over the weekend and we are planning IUI for September to try for one more.

  • Congratulations on embarking on this journey! My wife and I decided to start the process as well during my early July ovulation window. I had started BBT tracking about a month prior so I had some data to leverage and used an OPK in June to get a baseline of timing. So, we ordered 3 vials for at-home ICI about 4 days before my expected ovulation. Luckily, I had the luxury of an 'ovulation dip' with my BBT and so that was the first day we used a vial and then one more the next day when I had my LH surge and then again the next day which was my actual ovulation. Fast forward to the afternoon of 9DPO and I took my first pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE! Very faint, but there was a line! The next morning, 10DPO, we used two different pregnancy test brands and two more +'s! For good measure, we did it again this morning, 11 DPO, with two more different types of tests, and more +' turning back now! Three days after my ovulation I turned 37, so hope is out there!

  • Congratulations MommiesMN! And thank you for sharing your story. Thanks also heddame and Pinklady920. This definitely gives me hope. Now I'm worried about if I do get pregnant, what giving birth while wearing a mask and without my wife in the room will be like! But first step, GET PREGNANT.

  • @MommiesMN your story gives me hope! any updates now that your TWW is over?

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