15960 Vials?

On the day I called to purchase these vials they were all gone! :disappointed:

Does anyone happen to have any extra vials?

Thank you! :smile:


  • Hi @Bela_1008 I chose this donor as well and I believe he has another release soon. I want to say next month. I’m doing IVF and have 2 vials. If I only use one I don’t mind selling you the other one.

  • @Curious1.89 Thank you so much for your response! I actually called the cryobank shortly after posting this and they do in fact have a few more vials to be released but no specific release date as of yet with all that is going on. Thank you so much for the offer as well, please keep me posted! Sending you all the positive energy on your IVF journey! ❤️

  • @Bela_1008 let me know if you’re still interested. I just completed my IVF cycle. I have 1 vial left.

  • @Curious1.89 Thank you so much! My wife and I decided to proceed with another donor. Best wishes! xo

  • @Bela_1008 no problem! Same to you!

  • Hi @Curious1.89 Do you still have a vial left for Donor 15960 that you'd like to sell? If so, it is IVF or IUI vial? I might be interested. Thank you.

  • @Cali80 I do. I spoke to my clinic and there is a $250 transfer fee and then shipping is between $400-$900. Also you don’t get access to sibling registry. Just FYI.

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