New single Mother

I am thinking of having my baby as a single mother. I am new searching here and have lots of questions? Have anyone out there thinking on iVF? how many vials would you need? and how secure is to buy sperm? I heard an story of someone that had a baby an the child was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney disease, which was not listed on the donor medical information.. these kind of think made me think twice.. any advise or experience will be greatly appreciated.


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    @Bluemarlin78 I’m doing IVF also and purchased 2 IUI vials only because the donor I chose did not have IVF vials. Depending on how many eggs are retrieved 2 vials can be a lot or not enough. When I told my Dr. that I purchased 2 she told me that was more than enough.

    I feel like there is no way to test for everything and the Cryobanks test for the most common disorders in a race or population. I think that you should feel very secure in choosing a donor from a top Cryobank. CCB claims to have a 1% acceptance rate of all applicants. I’ve also looked on Seattle spermbank and CCB tests for way more disorders! Also, even if the donor doesn’t test as a carrier for PKD or a similar disorder looking through their family history should show that it runs in their family. Just do your research. Good luck.

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