Donor 15960???

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@cryo-admin I am curious if donor 15960 matches the skin color of his look-a-likes. I am looking for a donor to represent a mix of African American & caucasian. I purchased his additional pictures in which he looks much lighter than the sample baby photo and look-a-likes. Is there a way to get a better idea of his skin color besides the description "fair"?


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    @Aadya I purchased this donor and believe the lighter photo is probably him in the winter months...his parents are South African so the main photo is most likely him with a tan.

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    Curious1.89Curious1.89 Posts: 45
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    @aadya I don’t know if you are familiar with families of people of color but the shades range widely. You can have 2 children by this donor and have two very different skin complexions! I’m assuming because for his ethnicity he is considered “fair” that particular photo is an accurate representation. Also his youngest photo is a similar complexion and makes me think again that is the most accurate representation of his complexion. Are you trying to match with your partner?

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