TWW during [email protected] Order - Easy breeze!

No, I'm not doing this experiment because I'm bored at home. ;) Seriously, during my first TWW (Day 4), this [email protected] Order really alleviates all kinds of daily stress, such as going/dressing-up for work, and makes it much easier on my mind/body to stay calm around my home. My doctor was extremely kind and supportive to perform IUI procedure during the ASRM. She reminded me that my wife and I may have to stay quarantined for the entire pregnancy. She also warned me that it may go the same when/if I successfully give a birth in Winter to avoid this pandemic crisis. I told her, "Bring it on!" But in the back of my head, I do worry if I'm being too selfish to do this risky course. So I'm all eyes here for any word of wisdom. Has anyone else also struggled to find open fertility clinics or professional doctors willing to perform IUIs/IVFs during this pandemic times (COVID-19)??

Whatever happens, stay optimistic!


  • Hi, my wife and I are also doing IUI (now in the two week wait) during this world chaos. I completely understand how you ladies feel, we debated and decided with me working from home that it was smart to continue with our plan despite pandemic. So here I sit waiting.. and reading our Lesbian moms-to-be (I hope) books.. Our fertility clinic is open (we are in South Carolina) and using social distancing, masks etc to ensure we all stay safe. Fingers crossed this IUI works! How are you holding up?

  • @HopefulMom509 That's what we are thinking--this may be a real good time to try any insemination process during [email protected] order. Plus, I may work from home for the rest of this year. Right now, we have 5 days left in our TWW. Now I regret for not purchasing the pregnancy tests with 6-days in advance! I definitely miss the convenience of walking in/out of any store--back in the ol' days! rolls eyes How many days left for y'all?? That's smart, to burn up waiting times by reading those useful books. I'll check out some online.

  • Hi Sir_Zer! Well our IUI didn't result in pregnancy so we will have to try again. It was really rough to discover, but after alot of tears, we are trying again as soon as possible. Did yours work out? Fingers crossed for you both!

  • Hi guys so I have decided to have a baby on my own at 41.5 My bf of a year pretty much checked out, he is 46 and has no kids of his own. Its a very difficult time for me but i have decided to use donors sperm and not wait any longer. Im starting Clomid in 2 weeks and IUI right after. I'm scared we are in Pandemic and im in NJ area but excited for the baby. Would love to use some help....what to expect after Clomid and steps after. Any side affects? Should I stay at home after i get the IUI done? What i should and shouldn't do. Anything will help, thanks in advance :)

  • Hi @Olechka13 , what a wonderful journey you’re starting out on. By now, you’ve maybe completed your first IUI? How’d it go? I’m also curious about Clomid. I just took the first day’s dose - did you experience any side effects? Hope things are moving along well for you!

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