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My wife & I have found a donor we would love to use. However only IUI vials are being offered at this time for him. We would both like to carry using the same donor so that our children are biologically related. IUI is great for her as it has been recommended by her doctor. My question is, can I use the IUI vials for an at home insemination for myself? If not, can I let my doctor know I want to do IUI & the procedure be done or does it first have to be recommended? We are trying to avoid buying 8 vials for this donor & then not being able to use him.

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    @OurFamily Welcome! That's great to hear that you and your wife found a donor that you both would like to use and you're planning for siblings. Our donors routinely sell out of vials, so it's important to plan ahead if you want to use the same donor for multiple pregnancies.

    Yes, you can use IUI vials for a vaginal insemination at home. We currently require your healthcare professional to sign an authorization form (A1 form) before you can ship vials to your home. However, due to the situation with coronavirus and many clinics not being able to see patients, we are working on an alternative solution to allow you to ship to your home without requiring a form signed by your physician. This should be available in a few weeks for all U.S. states that allow home insemination (NY is excluded).

    When you purchase 8 or more vials, you qualify for our Family Tomorrow program which includes 3 years of free storage: https://www.cryobank.com/services/additional-services/family-today---family-tomorrow/

    Just in case your plans change, we do have some options for vials that are stored with us. We offer a vial exchange option in case you want to switch your vials for a different donor or different vial type. We also have a 50% Vial Buyback program if you have extra vials that you would like to sell back within 3 years of purchase. (Once vials are shipped out, we can't do an exchange or buyback.) https://www.cryobank.com/services/additional-services/

    You may just want to check with your wife's physician to see if he/she recommends any genetic testing for either of you. We use Sema4 to test our donors and I believe they have an option where they can send you a kit to submit a swab sample and mail it in.

    And lastly, be sure to purchase vials in the name of the person who will be doing inseminations first. We can transfer the remaining vials and storage time to your partner when she is ready to start her inseminations. There is a form that both of you would sign at that time: https://d3hwulnyp980el.cloudfront.net/files/cryobankcom/_forms/pdf/documents/family-transfer-of-ownership-form.pdf

    Please don't hesitate to contact our Client Services team at 866-927-9622. They would be happy to answer any questions for you and help you and your wife through the process.


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