Donor # 15690

Did anyone use this donor? Can you please share any more information please?



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    Did you end up using this donor Karina86?

  • Wishful thinker yes I actually bought some iui vials yesterday I have been waiting for his vials to be available because he had already sold out. If everything goes well I should be using him next month.

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    Do you have any concerns with his age being at the higher end karina86? My doctor recommends I use someone younger.

  • I ask my doctor and she said he was fine that his health was more important than his age but I should see next month when I give it my first try

  • I also had called California cryobank because I had some question about his medical record and they told me people who have used him have become pregnant and it was a healthy pregnancy

  • Do you mind me asking what concerned you about his medical record?

  • His family cancer

  • I felt a little concerned about that as well, but since he’s an older donor the chances of more medical issues being reported in his family is more likely. A 20-year-old Donor reporting his family‘s medical history would have less to report. That’s at least how I’m justifying it.

  • Yes and the assured me it should be fine since his parents cancers are very common and treatable

  • Did you end up using this donor? And how did it go?

  • I hesitated because I was nervous about his age. The next day he had already sold out so it was too late regardless. If he becomes available again I might just pull the trigger because there’s no one else that’s available that I’m interested in. Did you use him?

  • Yes I did use him but now don’t have any other vials. On the 2ww now 😊

  • I used him but didn’t have a successful iui. His sperm count is very good my doctor said he had a 200 million sperm count. Can’t wait for his next available vials to try for my second iui

  • I thought they said he may have more released in September. Did you get any other information from the bank?

  • Yes he will have more September they put me on the waiting list and I’ll get notified once his sperm becomes available because last time it sold out fast

  • Hi calil I was wondering if you had a successful pregnancy?

  • I hesitated too long worrying about his age and he sold out. I think my doctors hesitation really scared me. I ended up choosing someone else.

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    How is your journey going, any success with 15690.?

  • @Karina86 no luck this time. I may try IVF this next time around.

  • No luck I got my period the day I was suppose to do the pregnancy test but I am trying again next month.

  • Calil ooh no I’m sorry to hear that do you mind me asking how many iui have you done before considering ivf?

  • I have done 5 iuis-2 of those medicated. One of my medicated cycles was a chemical pregnancy. The other 4 were not successful. I may try one more medicated IUI cycle but I have an Appt set up for IVF consult Next week just to see what it is all about.

  • I have done 2 medicated iui but didn’t have any success I’m going to give another try next month when donor 15690 comes available I wish you all the best and hope your next try brings you your baby

  • Thank you! Best of luck to you too!

  • Hi all! Just wanted to check in to see if anyone has had a successful pregnancy with 15690 that may have posted on the board- i know there are at least 5 successful. We just purchased a few vials for IVF! Hoping to connect and see how all went.

  • I had a successful pregnancy via IUI with donor 15690

  • Hi determined08 do you mind me asking how many iui tries it took to become pregnant with this donor?

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    DeterminedO8- Congrats on your pregnancy! Would you mind saying if you had Any issues along the way with baby? Would love to talk further about it but totally understand if you are not comfortable. Thanks so much. Also- does anyone know of any forum or groups that have this donor and can connect with others?

  • Hi @Gooseygirl - do you have any extra vials to sell by chance? Thanks!

  • I’m so devastated 3rd iui with this donor didn’t work out
    1st iui I had 2 follicles and the sperm count was 12 million
    2nd iui I had 3 follicles and the sperm count was 13 million
    3rd iui I had 1 follicle and sperm count was 11 million

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