Journey with 15960...anyone else?

I’d been looking on the site for a donor for a while and had a favorite at CCB and Seattle Cryobank but had not purchased. Randomly I decided to go back to CCB and see if any new donors had been added. I saw 15960! So freaking cute, healthy, athletic etc. There weren’t many vials so I called to see how many (8) and the agent told me I could put some on hold. Held 2 called back the next day to purchase. Someone had purchased the other 6 (so I know someone is out there lol). I just had a hysteroscopy/polypectomy and will start IVF as soon as possible. I’m not really concerned about covid-19 and pregnancy so whenever my RE says “go” we’re going! I’m a single mom by choice and would LOVE to connect with women on this journey/possible diblings!


  • I got the go ahead to start stimming in May! FX for 15960 babies!

  • @Curious1.89 Congrats on the start of your journey! I'm also as single mother by choice and will start trying with this donor soon as well. Hows it going so far?

  • @MamaQ Thank you! It’s going well so far. I’ve completed my IVF cycle and preparing for my embryo transfer. My clinic said the donor had a good number of sperm for a frozen sample and decent motility. Are you doing IVF, iui or ici?

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    @Curious1.89 I'm also a "Single Mother by Choice" too!

    Congrats on getting an embryo and doing a transfer. How did the transfer go?

    I also used Donor 15960 too for my IVF cycle in Feb/ March. I had 3 embryos fertilized but they all arrested at Day 5. I'll be starting another IVF Cycle in August and have 1 more vial left.

    I'm going back and forth on selling back the 1 vial and trying a new Donor or trying again with Donor 15960.

  • @onthesearch Thank you! My transfer is in the next couple days but I’ll keep you posted! I have heard that the number of eggs retrieved from one retrieval to the next can differ wildly. Did your Dr indicate any reason the embryos did not progress? I hope you continue with this donor but completely understand f you choose to switch! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  • I have 3 frozen embryos for donor 15960. Scheduled to do my transfer of 1 next week.

  • @Sofocuzed That’s awesome! I had 15 and transferred 1 at the end of July. I’m 5 weeks. Hopefully everything goes well with your transfer!

  • @Curious1.89 We start treatment this week with donor 15960.

  • @OurFamily that’s awesome! Are you all doing IVF?

  • @MamaQ @Sofocuzed @onthesearch
    You all should join the CCB Friends Facebook group. Myself and another family have connected there, using 15960!

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