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Hi All! My wife and I started our TTC journey with a different donor back in September and had 4 IUIs with 1 miscarriage on our 3rd try. We tried one time after the MC (4th IUI) but had no success. After discussing with our RE we decided to switch donors. Moving forward as of this cycle we are using donor #15292. I would love to hear of any success stories with this donor! <3:)


  • Hi @PMWP1234 - hope you are well! We are currently in the TWW of our first IUI with this donor. Wondering how things are going for you?

  • @Thisismyscreenname I hope you're staying nice and relaxed during your TWW : )

    We had success on our 5th overall cycle but 1st cycle with donor 15292 !
    Currently 13w3d pregnant, due at the end of January <3

    Sending so much baby dust your way, keep me updated!!

  • Hi @PMWP1234 ! Sorry for the delay in my response - turns out I didn’t have the box checked in my preferences to get an email when I’m tagged in a post - that’s fixed now!

    That is AMAZING news - congratulations! What a perfect way to ring in 2021!

    Our first IUI attempt (unmedicated) was unsuccessful. We’re currently in the TWW for try # 2. Fingers crossed! I’ll definitely keep you posted :smile:

  • @Thisismyscreenname Thank You!! <3 I am sending you so much positivity and baby dust, fingers crossed IUI #2 is a success!!

  • Hey @Thisismyscreenname <3 Hope this message finds you safe & healthy during such crazy times. We haven't spoken in a while so I'm just touching base with you on your journey! :)

  • Hi @PMWP1234 currently pregnant with donor 15292 - hoping to connect with you as it looks like your little one is probably one now!

  • @HarryBarry Congrats on your baby to be!! How far along are you?!

    We have a perfect 13 month old baby boy :)

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