Any Recent Home Insemination success?

Need some hope after my first BFN. Period came early when I tried in January. Now its February and my period hasn't come at all. Smh. Whenever it comes I want to try again at home. I have a fertility clinic on standby. Lol . It's the second fertility we've been too. And I still be feeling like. I just want to still try at home. Anyway, anyone get pregnant at home recently?


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    Listen, my wife and I tried all the things... at home, then IUI with clomid, then IUI with clomid and menopur. At that point, her egg reserve fell off a cliff and it was too late. She was 38 (super fit and healthy) at the time. Shortly after we got over the shock, at 36 I tried a few rounds of IUI, then we finally switched to IVF. I had to do 2 rounds of egg retrieval to get 3 embryos. We transferred 2 from frozen. Both took and we brought home our adorable twins in August - almost 5 years after we started trying. $70k later. If we had gone straight to IVF without screwing around... we might have spent far less, my wife may have been able to carry and we might have saved several years of hearthache. At the end of the day.... who knows?! I just want to encourage you to get your hormone levels checked out and get a really honest opinion from a fertility specialist. The $400-$500 you'll spend on testing is so worth it.

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    @Ocohgrl Congrats!! And thanks. I've had test ran and been to fertility specialist. I just want to try at home. Although iui they put in directly in the uterus. I feel more comfortable and confident with my wife doing it. More intimate is best for me. I have a couple of people I personally know who has gotten pregnant at home so I hold on to that hope. Its just the first try in January having symptoms i never had before and the discomfort to find out i wasn't pregnant. Its annoying. If this month doesn't work I'll maybe go back to my fertility clinic for iui. I just can't shake the try at home again feeling.

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