Donor 15163



  • Good Morning. I only had one baby and we had no mobility issues. I am aware of other who birthed 2 baby boys with no problems at all.

  • Thanks @LifesBestGift we had a little boy back in December 2020, no issues on the first try! Was incredibly surprised/upset when they nurse told us this morning we were looking at 4 million.

  • Hi there are like 7 siblings and we have a sibling group. If you’d like to join please email me at [email protected] @el gato

  • Hi all! This is my first time on the bulletin board. It is so cool to see everyone’s success with donor 15163! My wife and I started our TTC journey with this donor via IVF in 2019 which lead to the birth of our son in June 2020! We started TTC with an embryo from the same retrieval in 2021 and our daughter was just born in December 2022!

    I’m not sure how many donor siblings there are, but here are 2 more! 💙💗

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