Success! First time try. Donor 15634

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Hi! My wife and I are 17 weeks tomorrow and finally feel confident enough to share here and celebrate with you all.
Anyone else successful with this donor? We can see reported pregnancies.
I'm 35 and this is my first pregnancy, we're elated that we were successful on the first try despite being called elderly! lol. Not lol.
We're both of black/Caribbean descent. I'm from London, my wife is a New Yorker and that's where we're currently based.


  • Congrats!!! Not using this donor but we are doing ICI at home next week with donor 15013

  • @Money Thank you! Good luck 🤞🏾✨✨ for next week.

  • @minimar A little late to the conversation, but that's so exciting! I'm also queer, over 35 and based in NY. In the process of making decisions about donors. So happy to hear it's possible. Congrats!

  • @MamaQ Thank you!
    You're right on time ;).
    Are you considering this donor, any closer to making a decision? We took a a little while but ended up going with our initial gut instinct.
    Yes! It's absolutely possible.
    Are you intending to do an IUI at home too?

    Good luck with everything.

  • @minimar Thanks so much! I was considering this donor, love that he has adult pics, but unfortunately some of the stats don't align with what I need. Honestly didn't realize home IUI was an option, so my world just opened up lol. I've started doing more research though. Definitely would prefer it to an office procedure.

  • @MamaQ We worked with two lovely midwives who you can look up at I'm not sure where you are in New York but you'll see the areas they cover on the website.
    I'm so thrilled we found them and crafted a safe, loving space to do the IUI. They are both queer and have a wonderful politic about honouring your body and experience. We were able to create the ambiance we needed to feel comfortable and relaxed. Home felt best.

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