new at this and cant't decide

I am new at this, and I am having a lot of trouble picking out which donor I want to use. I am looking at about 5 now. I start out with two, but were unhappy with the medical backgrounds. As I researched more individuals I realized no one will have a perfect picture. I am looking at 11510 and 11491 If any advise or just to talk with someone who has been through this already would be great. My husband is unable to have kids and as far as I know I am OK. I do have Factor five which I am not sure how it will affect my Preg.


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    You're right that no one will be perfect when you're picking them out of the catalog. But for the vast majority of people, whichever donor results in a live healthy baby will seem perfect to you at that point.

    (FWIW, the donor we got pregnant with was not our first choice, and we only ordered one vial when we ordered, planning to switch the next month. While there are some factors I wish I'd paid more attention to in deciding, I've never wished I could go back and pick differently.)

    You should talk to your OB about the FVL. I know a couple people with it, and I believe they all had heavily monitored pregnancies, and were considered "high risk" simply due to FVL status.
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    Hi Allyphoe Thanks for the response I think that my husband and I have finally made our final choice. I live in a very small town and will have to use a DR. in Reno NV.

    Did you get pregnant your first try? I am really nervous about this whole process and I am constantly trying to calm myself down. I just want to make sure that I do everything right for my baby.
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    Picking a donor is always hard. I started with factors and rank them from most important to least important in a donor.

    Height and confirmed pregnancies was the most important thing for me. Then I looked at other physical characteristics like texture and thickness of hair, then focused on the person's area of study and their written responses.

    I did not order the long donor profile until after I was pregnant. I was pretty much satisfied with the information.

    We chose someone who had a personality that we liked, seemed to be pretty laid-baid. I gave birth to a precious baby girl. The donor was my 2nd or 3rd pick during my first IUI but the second IUI this donor ending up being my first pick because the previous two were not available. Everything happends for a reason I suppose.

    Good luck with whomever you choose.
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    Hi new at this and can't decide,

    I feel the same way. My issue is my first choice seems perfect on the surface, but he has chosen to be an anonymous donor. I have strong feelings about that. My 2nd choice is an open donor, so I may decide to go with him. Needless to say, it might be helpful to call the staff and get there insight. Remember some of them may have first hand knowledge on the donors. Best of Luck to you!!! I hope you get pregnant on your first try.
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    Ah, sorry to be so slow to respond - I missed your followup.

    No, we didn't get pregnant the first try.

    Cycle 1: tried at home with fresh semen from a known donor (which seemed like a good idea at the time, but we wouldn't do again)
    Cycle 2: poorly-timed IUI at the RE's office
    Cycle 3: well-timed IUI + 50mg Clomid
    Cycle 4: well-timed IUI + 50mg Clomid
    Cycle 5: well-timed IUI + 50mg Clomid
    Cycle 6: well-timed IUI + 100mg Clomid + HSG + different donor - this is the only cycle that worked

    If you can, try not to stress too much. With babies, no one ever does everything right. What you do will be good enough, and good enough is just fine.
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    Hi allyphoe and foxycyn1
    Thank you so much for your responses. I will be trying for the first time this month. I am waiting on my cycle to start. MY DR. has me starting out taking 50 mg Clomid. I had a very strange dream last night, so I think that I am starting to get nervous, but I am wanting to stay calm and not expect too much. My sister has been through a similar situation so she is great to talk with. She is telling me what to expect. I just have to keep in mind that what ever is meant to happen will happen and it is not in my hands. Again thank you for responding to me post I am really enjoying being able to talk with others in the same boat.
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