New journey, 2020 ready!

Hi! I am new to all this. My wife and I have been planning on having a baby of our own. We found this website and feel like it's time to start. How did everyone feel when starting? Was it overwhelming at the thought that this could be your donor? Did anyone get pregnant after just one vial? How many times on average? So many questions, so figured I'd ask a few on here. Any feedback would be great! Thanks!


  • @CcMaMI Hey! Good luck to you and your wife. We are in the second round of IUI treatment ourselves. I think overwhelmed is an understatement lol. But we just continue to push through and made a decision for a donor. We will find out January 6th if round 2 worked!

    We purchased 4 vials in hopes for a chance at siblings. (Unless we need them all the first time!) There are so many questions and I think I've Googled them all! Lol definitely a stressful process, but for the end result I am game! I think an average number of tries for pregnancy vary to much on everyone's circumstances. I would love to answer 2 for us! But we will see!

  • Hi @CcMaMI! My wife and I chose a donor back in October. We purchased and stored 5 vials. Picking the donor so far has been the "easiest" part for us because it is the part that felt the most in our control. We tried to have our first IUI in November, but my body never produced a viable follicle so we weren't able to do the procedure. Our clinic was closed in December, but we're hopefully getting to try again in January!

    I've been alternating between feeling hopeful/excited and feeling fairly anxious/depressed. My wife and I have planned a mini-vacation soon to focus on our relationship since we've been spending so much time, energy, and money on fertility lately that we haven't given our relationship enough care. From what I've heard, this is a common thing that can happen during fertility journeys. I suppose it's good prep for a baby!

    Good luck on your journey. Keep us posted! Hopefully I'll be able to answer more about our journey and how many tries it takes soon!

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