CMV Question

Hi Ladies,
I am not sure if I am CMV positive or negative as it 's not a routine screening. I have read that all donors that are CMV positive are further tested and only released if they are IgG negative and not actively shedding the virus. I found a donor I like and purchased 3 vials. He is CMV positive. I am just curious if any of you were in the same boat and used a CMV positive donor even though your status was unknown? Did it affect your pregnancy or cause any problems for your baby?


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    After discussing CMV with my doc, she had me take the simple blood test. Turns out I was negative, and she strongly suggested that I choose a different donor. I was over the moon with the CMV positive donor, but the piece of mind was enough for me to switch. And CCB will let you switch donors very easily due to these medical reasons.

  • I’m having the labs drawn today. Research is showing a correlation between cmv and herpes zoster (chicken pox). I had the chicken pox when I was 4 as there wasn’t a vaccine.

  • Hi im in the same boat. Im not sure if i am cmv positive or negative. How’s it going with you? Did you continue with the positive donor?

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