Pregnant w/ Donor 15337 (any others?)


We are currently pregnant with twins from donor 15337.

We are super open to getting to know others who have used/are using this donor!

We have a ton of his IUI vials left too so, as long as all goes well we will look to sale some in the future.

Happy Thanksgiving and hope to chat with some of you!



  • Hi there! Congratulations on the pregnancy - so exciting! My wife and I have an amazing baby boy and would be interested in connecting. We’d love to keep up with how any related kids are doing. Please feel free to email anytime - [email protected]

  • Hiya!

    My wife and I actually sent you an email about a week ago! We saw you on the sibiling registry! Check your junk mail maybe? Would love to connect! We haven’t connected with anyone who has a son by him!! He seems to produce ALOT of girls!

  • I also have a daughter with 15337! I didn't see anyone else on the sibling registry. Maybe I used it wrong.

  • @sistasouljah another girl!!! Wow this donor makes a lot of females! I didn’t see you on the donor registry, but I’ll check again!!

  • @sistasouljah

    Hi there and congratulations! I’m not seeing you on the registry either, but we’d love to be in touch if you’re interested. Would you send me an email at [email protected]?

  • I'm on the registry now.

  • Hello,
    Congratulations to you all on your pregnancies/babies !
    We are currently looking for vials from donor 15337 so if any of you are interested in selling PLEASE don’t hesitate to let me know. Thank you !

  • Also looking for vials, if any become available. This is all great to hear.

  • Hello All,
    Congratulations on your pregnancies! Was just reaching out to see if anyone has extra vials they are no longer in need of and would be willing to sell? My wife and I have had two failed IVF attempts using different donors and we were so disappointed to learn that #15337 was no longer available when we went to purchase. If anyone has any vials they would be willing to sell we would happily purchase. Blessings and happy holidays to you all.

    Hi CT, Congrats on your twins. Are you at the point yet where you are ready to sell some of the remaining IUI viles that you have left? I would be interested in purchasing whatever you are able to part with. I can be reached on here or at mayalondon @ outlook dot com

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    Congratulations on the TWINS!! Do you still have any vials for sale? Please let me know if you do [email protected]

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