Ivf vials being used for IUI

The donor I used for my previous IUI that I had my daughter with only has IVF vials left. I am wondering how many vials of IVF would I need to purchase to equal the amount of one IUI vial? I wanting to have another IUI with this donor.


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    Same with my donor. I am curious if it is the same donor...lol I called and asked and they said I would need to purchase a couple as they do not have a guantee on the amount of sperm like they do in iui vials

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    Rissa89 and sabeach92812, Just wondering if you tried doing it with ivf vials and what your outcome was? We are currently in the same situation and don't know what decision to make?

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    Hi! Wondering if anyone got bfp using the IVF vials? We’re in the same boat right now

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