Looking for Vials. Donor 15640

My fiance and I just missed the last vials for donor 15640. We are TTC in January and are looking for vials. ( more are supposed to be available but we worry we'll miss our start date.)
My jaw dropped when I first saw his childhood photo because he looked A LOT like my partner as a child. We'd love for our baby to look like both of us! If anyone has leftover vials they don't plan to use, we'd love to chat
Thanks in advance!


  • Curious is you’ve had any success with this donor?

  • @Acoulon I purchased three vials (15640) back in March 2021. I had 3 medicated IUIs back to back from April-June- all three failed cycles :( I was heartbroken. No female factor issues but I am 35 years old so it could be age-related. I’m hoping that they release more vials soon but also considering other donors - my heart was set on this one.

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