Young Single Mom By Choice

I just wanted to get a little support. I’m 26 and am planning on selecting a donor and beginning my journey soon. But, it seems like I’m getting a lot of comments on how I’m too young. I’ve always wanted to be a mother and have many children. I have a stable job, House and income, but there still seems to be negative comments.
I was just hoping for some support? Thank god My mother is fully supportive of me and says she will be by my side the whole way. Has anyone experienced this?



  • My advice would be to not seek support from those who are not supportive. It's not like they'll be changing diapers and paying the baby's bills so don't ask for their opinion and don't give it any importance if they offer negative ones.

  • I am also a young woman looking to start the process of becoming a single mom by choice. I will be 26 in a few weeks. I’ve also had multiple people tell me I’m too young and should wait. Or just negative comments about having a baby by someone I don’t even know at all. I have actually stopped mentioning it to people because I don’t need the negative energy. I’m so happy and content about the decision I’ve made and starting this process. It sucks to be happy and excited about something and not being able to talk to your friends and family about it though. My mom is slowly but surely coming around because she can see that it’s something I’m serious about.

  • I'm 18 and plan to be pregnant by 20. I will be finished with college and financially comfortable for 2 people. I have 70% custody over my neice and nephew and they are amazing kids. Age does not determine how well you parent, just dont worry about those people

  • I just turned 30 and I have a wonderful 8month old daughter now. I started the IUI process when I was 28 and have no regrets. Don’t let anyone else tell you what to think or feel! :)

  • I’m a 28 year old single mom to the cutest 7 year old boy that i conceived naturally but I’ve be contemplating using donor sperm for my second child so far the few i have told have been supportive but i see how not having a father around effects my son so I’m kind of hesitant to go through with the process

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