Donor 15422

Has anyone used donor 15422? If so, any success stories? My wife and I just purchased his last 8 ICI vials and will start our journey next week!



  • I am undergoing iui currently with this donor. It is my 1st round and finally ended the yes with the blood test today! Waiting on the results! Good luck to you!!

  • Oh that's wonderful....good luck to you too! If you dont mind I would love to know if you get the official positive!

  • Was your pregnancy test positive with this donor???

  • Sorry it took so long to get back to you! Not on the first round. We are in the process of completing the second cycle. I will definitely keep you posted! If all goes well I would find out 2nd week of January!

  • We are almost in sync. We recently completed our 2nd round without success. Today is CD 1 of the 3rd round. If everything goes as usual with my cycle, we will inseminate for round 3 on January 1st and find out also during the second week of Jan. Good luck! Please keep me posted and I'll do the same. You are the only person I have been able to find using the same donor as us.

  • I will keep you posted! Hoping to inseminate Monday. We did natural cycle the first round. And using chlomid this round. Hopefully that will increase our chances for success!

  • @Lesp141184 how's it going? Were you able to go for it this month? Hope all is well!

  • We unfortunately were not able to inseminate this round. My gyno prescribed me Femara to help me with the process and it caused me to ovulate way later than we anticipated. We had the vials delivered on Dec 3oth with anticipation of inseminating around the Jan 1, but when I started the OPKs on day 11 of my cycle, it looked like I was at the end of my ovulation window, so we were super bummed thinking we missed it. I kept testing and the lines were getting lighter and lighter. We kept the tank as long as we could in case we were wrong and my OPKs started to get dark again, but they were just all over the place and I wasn't exhibiting any other signs, so we sent the tank back with the vials to be put back in my storage. Then yesterday I started having EWCM so for the heck of it so I tested using an OPK and ClearBlue and low and behold....both were blazing positive. I called CCB to overnight a vile to me so we could try it today, but the fedex truck had done its pickup 45 min before I called so it wouldn't get to me until tomorrow, which would be too late. SO....I thought the Femara made me ovulate 3-4 days early but it turned out to actually make me ovulate 5-6 days late. Needless to say, it stressed me out and I can't believe we missed a month. We have an appt for a consultation with a fertility specialist to talk about IUI, but we have 4 more ICI vials left and still plan on using them at home. Between the 4 ICI vials and 4 IUI vials we have, we are hoping to have 2 children within the next 2 years.

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    Oh man that is stressful! I am sorry to hear that. The fertility medicine definitely does a number on us!!
    I feel like your odds will be pretty good with the amount of vials you have. The specialist may help determine a plan for you to have better ease for trying at home. Everything happens for a reason and it's expensive for everything to not line up just right. Don't worry next month you will have a better chance and get your shot!

    I had my pregnancy test on Monday. My Dr. Said it was POSITIVE, my numbers were a bit low (11) so we will be monitoring it close. I go back to test my HCG on Friday! Hoping it triples by then!!!

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is so exciting! So it took you 2 tries, right? Keeping my fingers crossed for you that everything goes perfectly! I'm looking forward to our appointment next week. Unfortunately the only reproductive endocrinologist in my city moved out of state last summer so we have to travel a little over 2 hours for these appointments. I'm nervous the dr is going to be discouraging because I'm 35 and I know fertility starts to decline around my age.

    Do you know if there is a way for us to message each other privately on here? I'd love to connect on social media if you'd be interested, and continue to follow each other's ttc and pregnancy journeys since we are the only ones that we know of using this donor. I don't want to put any personal info on the public forums though 😊

  • Wow it's been a journey already! I am sorry to hear you missed this month. Do not worry about your age it's just a number and with today's medicine everything will work out. If your Dr seems discouraged find a new one :)!!

    So I have had my HCG tested 3 times. First one was low at an 11. Next test 77. My nurse seemed like it was not good and used the dreaded word etopic... So had my re test today and 468.8!!! So they were happy with that result and the progression. I will test again Thursday to make sure things are good. There is a possibility it was super early when I got my BFP. I felt like I implanted the weekend before the test so that would make sense. I don't know how to feel yet. I am excited yet nervous. I have had some cramping and light spotting. I am told it's normal but this whole experience is scary!

    I am not sure how we could connect out side of here without putting our info on here. I wish they had AIM still I could give you my screen name :).

  • That's awesome news! Though nerveracking for you in the process! You've officially missed your period, right? Yes cramping and light spotting I have heard a lot is normal. Did you inseminate at home or do IUI at a dr office?

    If you want, I can create a generic email address just for this and give it to you to email me (I'd delete my post with the email address once you have it, even though it wouldn't be one I would ever use again). That could get us in touch privately. You getting your BFP with this donor has given me so much hope! We have our appt at the fertility clinic on Thursday 🤞

  • Yeah that sounds great for the email! And we did IUI at the Dr.

    Yes my LMP Dec 10th. I will be hoping for good news Thursday for you!!

  • Let me know once you email it so I know to check.

  • I just sent an email!

  • Hi ladies- I just got my BFP this week using this donor! My IUI was on 1/28. I had my hcg levels checked 3 times this week and have my ultrasound scheduled for the 2/25. Would love to connect!

  • Hi! How many tries did it take for you? Do you mind if I ask your age? Only wondering because I'm 35 which worries me since they say fertility decreases starting at 35. Congratulations on your BFP!

  • Hi @Lesp141184! Thank you:). Surprisingly, it took me one try! However, my Doctor had told me it typically takes 3-4 IUI cycles to get pregnant. That’s what I was mentally (and financially) preparing for. I am 35 also, and age was a huge concern of mine as well. How many cycles have you tried? Are you doing ICI or IUI?

  • I've tried twice at home and 1 iui so far. My doc said if it doesn't work in the first 2 iuis, he will run some tests and we will see if there is anything preventing it. Because of my age we are hoping to have 2 babies almost back to back. The second one I'll also carry but we will do reciprocal IVF or Invicell using my wife's egg. Is this your first pregnancy/child?

  • This is my first pregnancy! That’s exciting you want back to back babies, I’ve thought of that (because of age) but I’m doing this solo- so we’ll see if it’s even feasible when the time comes lol.
    I did have to have surgery back in December to remove fibroids before I could move on with the IUI process.
    When do you plan on doing your second IUI?

  • I dont know if the first one has worked yet, I am 13 days past iui. Did you have a d&c? I had one to remove fibroids about 3.5 years ago.

  • Sorry I totally misunderstood! That is so exciting - sending you nothing but good vibes! I hope this is the cycle for you!!! Do you have a date for a blood test?
    I had a hysteroscopy.

  • No not yet. They said to take a home pregnancy test 2 weeks after the iui (which is tomorrow) and if its positive and/or I miss my period then to call to schedule a blood test. Of course we have already done a few pregnancy tests yesterday but they gave us mixed results...2 positive and 4 negative. But could have been too soon and positive ones could have been from the trigger shot still. Did you take Letrezole or Clomid, or give yourself a trigger shot?

  • I just did a trigger shot. I was nervous to do a home test because I didn’t want a false positive from the trigger. But of course I couldn’t help myself and I tested 10 dpiui and it was completely negative. So at that point I knew atleast the trigger was out of my system, and then the next day i got the faintest line. 🤞🏼 For a BFP for you!!

  • Ohhh that gives me hope if you know the trigger was out of your system by 10 days past iui!

  • You’ve got this! Keep me posted please!!

  • Hello everyone, I just had a baby to this donor and would love to connect with anyone else who has used him and find any donor siblings? I just created email [email protected] would love to hear from you on here or there!

  • Parker23 - congrats!! I will email you shortly!! Several of us using this donor have already connected and we have a private FB group :)

  • Hello! We conceived with this donor and gave birth to our LO in 2020. We'd love to connect with others who have conceived with this donor. Please send us an email at: [email protected]

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    We're currently (and finally) pregnant with our little one (15 weeks) from donor 15422 and would love to connect. I already wrote a mail to both of the mail addresses (HappyFam2020 and Parker23) and am looking forward to hearing from all of you.

    We're also interested in joining the Facebook group :)

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